Thursday, May 19, 2011

Josef Cannon as "Federico James" in BET's - "Burned"

Director Phyllis Toben presents her new project for BET entitled "Burned". Starring Eric Roberts, Bianca LaVerne Jones & 
Josef Cannon as RICO
Josef Cannon as disabled war vet "Rico" see's the world through rose colored glasses.
 Josef Cannon takes a break in between scenes on BET's "Burned"
 Eric Roberts as fireman Captain Holloway, in the TV show "Burned"
 "Monica" in the midst of her inner struggles, soothes her pain the only way she knows how to.
 Bianca LaVerne Jones prepares for final rehearsal before shooting.
 Eric Roberts & Director Phyllis Toben discuss upcoming scene.
 Bianca LaVerne Jones as Monica, a woman with a secret.

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