Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CK Cannon - Karst Productions award winning film ("1:0" aka One - Nil / Zero) POSTER & TRAILER

Josef Cannon & Adam Karst of CK Cannon - Karst Productions, proudly announce the "World Premiere" of their C0-Executive Produced award winning film short entitled "1:0" TRAILER FOR ONE NIL/ZERO by the highly acclaimed "Writer/Director Johnatan Geva"


In the midst of a gun battle, two enemies face each other knowing that only one will survive..suddenly a cell phone rings....life will never be the same..

The movie ("1:0") was written and directed by Johnatan Geva and is part of the festival program which consist of six short films of various length totaling 90 minutes entitled: "You don't have to be Jewish"

Filmed entirely in Tel aviv and spoken in Hebrew & Arabic with English subtitles DIRECTOR: Johnatan Geva Asst Director: Eitan Gafni Producer: Haim Mak & Dana Zilberman Co-Producers: Daphni Leef, Micahal Lavee Executive Producers: Josef Cannon, Adam Karst Editor: Maya Mcmanus Screenwriter: Johnatan Geva Cinematographer: Mattan Harel-Fisch Principal Cast: Meir Asraf, Asaf Mor, Isam Abu-Sahab

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cannon - Karst Productions MUSIC VIDEO "No More Lies" by Rich Eagle

New R & B / Soul Singer "Rich Eagle" debut Music Video entitled "No More Lies" is a homage to the simplistic videos of yester-year. Where heartbreak, love and overcoming the pain are all painted like they appear in our head at the time of our lowest point. Everything reminds us of "her" face, her image, her essence. This Detroit Michigan native brings his lyrics to life, for we feel all that he feels and see what he sees. CK Cannon - Karst Productions/Rich Eagle introduce Model/Actress Michelle Bartenfelder as the "love interest". With an Cindy Crawford-esc appeal, Michelle B, takes the wonderful lyrics of Rich Eagle to a even higher level and paints a vivid picture of someone who wants........"No More Lies"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cannon - Karst Productions = "Call Me Her Baby" by Rich Eagle

New R & B / Soul Singer "Rich Eagle" debut tracks "Call Me Her Baby" & "No More Lies". This Detroit Michigan native brings his silky smooth singing voice to Los Angeles where he has joined forces with CK Cannon - Karst Productions. With a voice and style many have compared to "Robin Thicke" Rich Eagle is here to set the music industry on it's ear! Be on the look out for the complete videos to these songs as well as upcoming tracks this Summer 2009.

For more music please click here: www.MySpace.com/RichEagle