Monday, March 5, 2012


"When the life of the nation's top basketball star ends tragically, his community loses all hope until they witness a new life unfold."    

Written & Directed by Anthony C. Hall (Le Jour Du Pere, Blue Chips)
 Josef Cannon with fellow cast of "Q", Rhona Bennett, Writer/Director Anthony C. Hall and Antwan Tanner.
 On the set of "Q" @ Universal Studios Backlot.

 Writer/Director Anthony C. Hall & Josef Cannon

 Actor/Producer Shaquille O'Neal & Josef Cannon @ Screening of the film "Q"
@ Screening of "Q", cast Dee Shiver, Writer/Director Anthony C. Hall, Rhona Bennett and Josef Cannon

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Evil Mrs. Wood - Starring Josef Cannon, Keith Anthony Sikora and Adam Karst

 Jeremy (Josef Cannon) and Eric (Keith Anthony Sikora) mourn the death of dear friend Israel (adam Karst) whose drowning left them puzzled. 
Jayden (Preston "Prizzie" Reid) discovers the body of Israel (Adam Karst)

Detectives Smith (Shauna Frontera) and Jones ( Deborah Rombaut) discuss the mysterious drowning. 
Jeremy (Josef Cannon) and Eric (Keith Anthony Sikora) watches as detectives question the two joggers that found the body of their friend.
Eric (Keith Anthony Sikora) and Jeremy (Josef Cannon) wonder what they could of done differently to prevent the death of their dear friend Israel (Adam Karst)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Josef Cannon as "Federico James" in BET's - "Burned"

Director Phyllis Toben presents her new project for BET entitled "Burned". Starring Eric Roberts, Bianca LaVerne Jones & 
Josef Cannon as RICO
Josef Cannon as disabled war vet "Rico" see's the world through rose colored glasses.
 Josef Cannon takes a break in between scenes on BET's "Burned"
 Eric Roberts as fireman Captain Holloway, in the TV show "Burned"
 "Monica" in the midst of her inner struggles, soothes her pain the only way she knows how to.
 Bianca LaVerne Jones prepares for final rehearsal before shooting.
 Eric Roberts & Director Phyllis Toben discuss upcoming scene.
 Bianca LaVerne Jones as Monica, a woman with a secret.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Artist & Athletes Alliance Gala

Cannon-Karst Productions CEO, Josef Cannon attended The 2011 Artist & Athletes Alliance Gala in Beverly Hills, California.

Actor / Director Mario Van Peebles & Cannon-Karst Productions CEO, Josef Cannon

Josef Cannon with Ambassador Andrew Young

S.O.S. - Saving Our Schools / Documentary Poster

Cannon-Karst Productions proudly presents, 
S.O.S - Saving Our Schools

In 2010 when 14 area Chicago Public Schools are listed for Closure, Consolidation or turn-arounds, one school, Simon Guggenheim and one neighborhood, Englewood, decides to "fight back!" Led by Jonathan Jackson, son of former Presidential nominee, Rev Jesse Jackson and writer/producer Josef Cannon (former student of Guggenheim) they set out on this crusade to rescue an institution that meant so much to so many! This is their story. Executive Producers: Josef Cannon, Adam Karst, Anton Mitchell, Bruce Lee, Ken Streutker. / Associate Producers: Jonathan Jackson, Jesse Jackson Sr.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"The Florence-Marie Cooper Scholarship Fund" Benefit

Cannon-Karst Productions, Director of Marketing and CEO of "My Girlfriends Network.Com" Karen Liz Albert attends the 2011 "Florence-Marie Cooper Scholarship Fund" benefit in Westchester California

Josef Cannon, CEO of Cannon-Karst Productions and his Director of Marketing, Karen Liz Albert