Saturday, May 9, 2009

CK Cannon - Karst / "The Eagle Path" Official Trailer starring Jean-Claude Van Damme / Josef Cannon & Adam Karst

CK Cannon - Karst Productions, co-founders, Josef Cannon & Adam Karst unveil the Trailer to their latest "acting" project "The Eagle Path", Starring & Directed by Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The movie centers on the lead characters, "Frenchy" a former GI with the 101st Airborne – "Screaming Eagles" living in South-East Asia that is emotionally haunted by a past that he can't seem to outrun.

Upon innocently crossing paths with "Sofia", (Claudia Bassols) a woman whose mysterious life not only mesmerizes him, but plants him directly in the middle of a life or death struggle with the controlling and vicious suitor of her affections, "Soli” (Adam Karst) Frenchy's world is turned upside down. Outnumbered and desperately in need of help "Frenchy" turns to familiar faces for assistance, his best friend, "Captain Bobby Jackson" (Josef Cannon) the alcoholic, paraplegic, former military specialist who over the years has been by his side through many official and un-official missions.

The bond between these two goes beyond that of war buddies, as "Frenchy" is the God Father of "Bobby’s" estranged daughter, "Shelby" (Shelby Nicole Cannon) and indirectly feels responsible for "Bobby" being crippled as it was he "Frenchy" that was late to the scene as sniper fire ripped through "Captain Jackson's" spine causing permanent damage.

Together they all set out on a path, "The Eagle Path", one that could free them all from the self imposed prison they each find themselves in.

Colonel Luther Banks (John C. Colton) leader of the 101st Screaming Eagles masterminds a plan that would change their lives forever. Along with the "trigger happy" Captain Vinnie Scantino (Chuck Di Maria) brace yourself for one helluva ride!

Monday, May 4, 2009

"CannonWear" Clothing Line Debuts - Idieh Collection by Heidi

CK Cannon - Karst Productions Co-founder, Josef Cannon shows why he is a true "Renaissance Man” with the unveiling of his new female clothing line entitled "Idieh Collection by Heidi" (pronounced id ee a).


With talent discovered all over the world, Josef is responding to the demand for a female counterpart to his successful "CannonWear" for men.

(CannonWear founder, Josef Cannon poses with (l to r) model Jair Massiah, Designer Heidi G & Model/Singer Nicole Horne in Marina Del Rey, CA.)