Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CK Cannon - Karst Productions award winning film ("1:0" aka One - Nil / Zero) POSTER & TRAILER

Josef Cannon & Adam Karst of CK Cannon - Karst Productions, proudly announce the "World Premiere" of their C0-Executive Produced award winning film short entitled "1:0" TRAILER FOR ONE NIL/ZERO by the highly acclaimed "Writer/Director Johnatan Geva"


In the midst of a gun battle, two enemies face each other knowing that only one will survive..suddenly a cell phone rings....life will never be the same..

The movie ("1:0") was written and directed by Johnatan Geva and is part of the festival program which consist of six short films of various length totaling 90 minutes entitled: "You don't have to be Jewish"

Filmed entirely in Tel aviv and spoken in Hebrew & Arabic with English subtitles DIRECTOR: Johnatan Geva Asst Director: Eitan Gafni Producer: Haim Mak & Dana Zilberman Co-Producers: Daphni Leef, Micahal Lavee Executive Producers: Josef Cannon, Adam Karst Editor: Maya Mcmanus Screenwriter: Johnatan Geva Cinematographer: Mattan Harel-Fisch Principal Cast: Meir Asraf, Asaf Mor, Isam Abu-Sahab


  1. i saw this World Premiere" of your executive produced award winning film short entitled "1:0" TRAILER FOR ONE NIL/ZERO.it was awesome...
    the picturisation is too good...
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  2. I was lucky enough to see the entire film at a festival in Bulgaria and I must say it left me speechless! Great job done by all involved!